Cast iron ballast

Chilled iron ballast shot, due to very high density, is a perfect material for ballast and loading purposes.
Cast iron ballast
The protection of the natural environment is very important for Alumetal-Technik company – because of that we use and sell only ecological reusable materials. One of them is the chilled iron ballast shot, developed to replace toxic lead as a ballast material.

New generation ballast

Important properties of the chilled iron shot are density and indifference to the natural environment. As opposed to lead, the chilled iron ballast is safe for operators and the environment. Chilled iron ballast is used in various branches including automotive, shipbuilding, railway and crane industry. In loose form it is used as low-volume ballast material, it also can be poured in beton and used as crane ballast.


  • Loading locomotives and other railway vehicles;
  • Crane balancing;
  • Ballasting ships, yachts and bridges;
  • Loading industry machinery.


  • C - 2,80-3,40%
  • Si - 1,00-1,50%
  • Mn - 0,30-1,00%
Cast iron ballast
  • S - 0,07-0,30%
  • P - 0,07-0,17%


Nominal granulation (mean)
0,500 mm
0,800 mm
1,000 mm
1,400 mm
1,800 mm
2,200 mm