Glass grit

Glass grit is an ecological and economical abrasive, not contaminated with heavy metals. It is a perfect material for abrasive and hydro-abrasive treatment.
Glass grit
We constantly developing the abrasive blasting process in many ways: the quality of the cleaned surface, safety and comfort of the operator and cost optimization. The important step was introducing the high-quality glass abrasive media – the glass grit. Glass grit is a modern abrasive made by crushing the panes of special sodium glass. Thanks to chemical properties and high purity it is used as an alternative for white fused alumina. The biggest advantage of glass grit is its chemical composition. It does not contain iron and heavy metals, which can be easily found in other abrasives, and are the great danger for the operator the surface quality. Glass grit is used for cleaning stainless steel; aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals and alloys; plastics; wood, stone, glass etc.


  • Stream treatment of soft materials such as: light metals, mold casts, plastics, wood;
  • Chrome and stainless steel matting;
  • Renovation of monuments;
  • Filling material.


  • Fe2O3 < 0,2%
  • MgO < 4,0%
  • Na2O >14%
Glass grit
  • SiO2 > 65%
  • CaO > 8,0%
  • Al2O3 0,5-2,0%


Granulation From To
16/36 800 µm 1500 µm
24/36 350 µm 800 µm
40 315 µm 500 µm
80 250 µm 350 µm
110 200 µm 315 µm