Steel shot

Steel shot is using for deburring, cleaning casts and steel constructions and in shot-peening process.
Steel shot
To provide you the optimal shot blasting conditions, we were looking for the best abrasive media. The results of our search is cooperation with European leaders in abrasive production, including the producers of steel shot.

Usage of steel shot

Steel shot is produced in the casting process after that it is hardened and tempered. The main application of steel shot is the cleaning process in wheel blasting machines, but it can be used in pneumatic devices as well.

Types of steel shot

We offer you 2 types of steel shot:
  • High carbon steel shot (HC) – is very efficient in transferring energy. It is used to removing the old coatings and for cleaning highly corroded elements.
  • Hybrid steel shot VERA® - it is produced by German foundry Eisenwerk Würth GmbH. VERA® combines advantages of both high and low carbon shots: it is efficient and has a long lifetime.


  • Removing old protective layers;
  • Removing scale from metal sheets and sections;
  • Roughening metal surfaces before painting;
  • Cleaning steel and iron casts.


  • C 0,8-1,2%
  • Mn 0,35-1-2%
  • Si > 0,4%
Steel shot
  • S < 0,05%
  • P < 0,05%


Granulation Nominal value (mean)
S 170 0,425 mm
S 230 0,600 mm
S 280 0,710 mm
S 330 0,850 mm
S 390 1,000 mm
S 460 1,180 mm
S 550 1,400 mm
S 660 1,700 mm
S 780 2,000 mm