Continous blasting machine TZNP

Continous blasting machine TZNP

Features of TZNP continuous blasting machines:

  • Customizable;
  • Roller or belt conveyor;
  • Turbine inverters;
  • PLC system with touch screen;
  • Base hole for machine is not needed;
  • Separation of abrasive material;
  • Online diagnostic system.


TZNP continuous basting machines parameters

Max. detail width (mm) 1000 1500 2000 3000
Max. detail height (mm) 600 1000
Capacity of conveyor (kg/m) 450 750 1920 3000
Number of turbines 4 4/6 6 8
Turbine power (kW) 7,5/11 11
Blasting wheel speed (rpm) 2900 2900


Efficient and precise continuous blasting

Abrasive blasting development is our passion, that is why we work with the producer, which constantly introduce innovative ideas to the offer – Czech company Kovo Stanek. The biggest device in our offer is TZNP continuous-type blasting machine.

The TZNP-type machine is a versatile device, used to shot blasting of pipes, steel beams and sheets and smaller elements in automatic production lines. The TZNP continuous blasting machines can be used in various branches due to the elastic production process. Every Kovo Stanek’s machine is projected and produced with cooperation with the investor – that is why it is always he needs.


Construction of TZNP continuous blasting machine

Blasting chamber of TZNP machine is made of thick steel and the inside can be covered with manganese plates. The batch is entered to the machine by the belt or roller conveyor system, where it is cleaned by efficient blasting wheels. The windows of TZNP machine are covered by rubber curtains, but if you need, we can equip the pneumatic and brush systems.

Used in TZNP turbines are unique devices. The MT 350 was developed by Kovo Stanek’s engineers and it is produced in own factory. Thanks to clever solutions it is very efficient, has a long lifetime and low service costs.


TZNP – the continuous blasting machine for professionals

The TZNP continuous-type shot blasting machine is the sum of innovative, clever solutions. The operator has control over every work parameter through the touch screen. The device can be connected to the Internet, which enables the online diagnostic system.

Do not hesitate to contact our technical consultants – they will help you to choose the best solution for your production process.