Table blasting machines TZS

Table blasting machines TZS

Features of TZS table-type blasting machines:

  • Turning table;
  • Turbine inverters;
  • PLC system with touch screen;
  • Base hole for machine is not needed;
  • Separation of abrasive material;
  • Possibility to loading from front and top;
  • Online diagnostic system.


TZS table-type machines parameters:

Max. detail diameter (mm) 600 1200 1600 2000
Max. detail height (mm) 400 500 1000 1000
Table capacity (kg) 300 500 1000 1000
Number of turbines 1 2 3
Turbine power (kW) 5,5 5,5/7,5 7,5/11 11
Blasting wheel speed (rpm) 2900 2900


Reliable shot blasting machine with turning table

We want to introduce innovative and ecological blasting machines to the industry – that is why we are work with the Kovo Staněk company, producer of TZS table-type blasting machines. TZS shot blasting machine allows cleaning massive elements, for example, casting, that is blasted from side and top by the abrasive stream. The device is dedicated to shot blasting massive details with irregular shapes, which are hard to clean in other machines.


The TZS machine construction

The table-type TZS machines are fully configurable – every parameter can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. Blasting chamber and table are made of abrasion-resistant hardened steel – the batch is loaded from the front, or the top by a crane.

Like in other Kovo Staněk’s machines, the TZS is equipped with the MT 350 turbines – the unique devices projected and constructed in our partner’s factory. Motor shaft with double-bearings reduces tension on the entire part, the built-in inverter allows regulating the power of the turbine. The standard equipment of TZS table-type blasting machines is filtration and separation systems and touch screen through which the device can be controlled.

If you need more information about the TZS shot blasting machine with turning table, simply contact us via e-mail, phone or contact form. Our experienced technical consultant will help you to choose the best solution for your process.