Cast iron shot

Due to hardness and weight, the cast iron shot is a perfect material for shot-basting, cleaning casts and metallurgical products.
Cast iron shot
The goal of Alumetal-Technik is to improve the shot blasting process in every branch including foundries. Because of that, we offer the chilled iron shot. Compared to steel shot the chilled iron material has a higher hardness, which is important in casting cleaning.

Advantages of chilled iron shot

Important properties of chilled iron shot are hardness, machinability and durability. Combination of those parameters makes the chilled iron shot economic and efficient abrasive blasting material. The chilled iron shot is used to casting cleaning, shot-peening process and to prepare castings and other cast iron and steel surfaces to the application of an anti-corrosion layer and new coatings.


  • Cleaning and smoothing casts and metallurgical products;
  • Metallurgical scale removal;
  • Preparing surfaces for putting on lacquer and anti-corrosion layers.


  • C - 2,80-3,40%
  • Si - 1,00-1,50%
  • Mn - 0,30-1,00%
Cast iron shot
  • S - 0,07-0,30%
  • P - 0,07-0,17%


Nominal granulation
0,300-0,700 mm
0,600-1,000 mm
0,710-1,180 mm
1,000-1,700 mm
1,400-2,360 mm