The MT 350 turbines

The MT 350 turbines

THE MT 350 turbines made by Kovo Staněk are designed to work in various types of rotary shot blasting machines. These are modern projective teams designed by experienced engineers. MT 350 turbines are energy-saving and innovative. They have been designed to stand out among competing products.

The turbines have two modern solutions protected by a patent. They have a double bearing of the drive shaft. In addition, an electric motor was installed using a special method that reduces the load on the turbines. Consumable parts are made of hardened tool steel (including wheels and blades). All this translates into a longer service life, energy efficiency of the entire throwing unit and a reduction in repair and service costs.

All steel elements are designed in the Czech factory Kovo Staněk. The fact that the turbines are made in one place ensures a perfect fit of the elements and high-quality workmanship. The MT 350 turbines are equipped with each of the Kovo Staněk shot blasting machines. Thanks to this, the shot blasting machine increases work efficiency and at the same time reduces operating costs to a minimum.

Modernization of shot blasting machines

The MT 350 turbines surprise not only with their unique design protected by patents. They are very universal – they can be mounted in shot blasting machines of any brand, including:
• Dozamet
• Schlick
• Agtos
• SciTeex
• Tosca
• Cogeim
• Rump

Growing customer expectations and legal requirements force production plants to modernize the machinery park. The MT 350 turbines are an ideal solution for companies using several rotary blast machines. The services of one company supplying turbines that match many brands of shot blasting machines facilitate service and maintenance of the machines. The high quality of the turbines increases the efficiency of shot blasting and reduces the operating costs of the machines.