Tumbling blasting machine TZB

Tumbling blasting machine TZB

Features of TZB tumbling-type blasting machines:

  • Rubber belt;
  • Turbine inverters;
  • PLC system with touch screen;
  • Base hole for machine is not needed;
  • Separation of abrasive material;
  • Optional automatic loading and unloading system;
  • Online diagnostic system.


TZB tumbling-type blasting machines parameters:

Load capacity (kg) 350 800
Max. volume of load (dm3) 165 425
Max. detail weight (kg) 15 20
Max. detail diameter (mm) 345 380
Blasting chamber dimensions (mm) ∅720×800 ∅1000×1100
Number of turbines 1 2
Turbine power (kW) 5,5/7,5 7,5/11
Blasting wheel speed (rpm) 2900 2900


Tumbling-type machine for demanding users

We are constantly working on the improvement of the blasting process of every element, those small as well. Cooperation with Kovo Staněk company, one of the most innovative blasting machines producers, allows us to expand our offer with the TZB tumbling-type blasting machine.

Thanks to efficient and precise work, tumbling-type blasting machines are used in many branches of metal industry, e.g. to produce furniture elements. The main usage of those type of shot blasting machines is cleaning big quantities of small elements.


How tumbling-type machines works

Batch is moved inside the blasting chamber by the rubber belt, which expose it to the abrasive stream falling from the top. An operator has a full control over every TZB tumbling-type blasting machine parameter, like belt movement speed and turbine power. This makes the TZB a very versatile device able to clean highly rusted objects and delicate details.


Construction of TZB blasting machine

The TZB has a simple construction – what makes is special are clever, patent-protected solutions. Blasting chamber, rubber belt, blasting wheels and every other parts, which have contact with abrasive media, are made of abrasion-resistant materials.

The Kovo Staněk’s MT 350 turbines are made in own factory and have extended lifetime, thanks to motor shaft with double-bearings and other special solutions. If needed, system of automatic batch loading system can be installed.

If you are interested in the TZB tumbling-type blasting machine just contact one of our technical consultants via phone, e-mail or contact form.