Service of rotary and pneumatic blasting machines

The service of rotary and pneumatic shot blasters includes a general overview, adjustment of filtration and separation systems, turbine and throttle angles, as well as shot analysis.

Service of rotary and pneumatic blasting machines

The most common problem in companies that deal with shot blasting is the incorrect operation of machines. This is due to a improperly positioned separator, turbine angles, dampers or filter systems. Their incorrect functioning means that good shot is taken to waste or to dust from the filter fan. Such situation generates a large loss of abrasive, which is tantamount to throwing money down the drain. In addition, one small defect can seriously damage the blasting machine, which leads to the replacement of some parts of device with new ones and, as a result, increased expenses.

In order to avoid generating unnecessary costs, it is crucial to take care of a well-functioning shot blasting machine. In this case, it is worth entrusting the inspection, adjustment of parts and repair of damage to qualified specialists.

What is the analysis of rotor and pneumatic blasting machines?

During the visit, our technicians analyze the shot-blasting process, make the necessary corrections and settings. Detailed actions:

  • General overview of machines;
  • Regulation of separation and filtration systems;
  • Adjustment of throttles and turbine angles;
  • Analysis of the operation mix (shot working in the machine).

The high quality of the service, which we guarantee, will improve the shot blasting process and will help you to make savings in the replacement of the spare parts of blasting machine and the purchase of abrasive. The price of the service is determined individually and depends on the number of working hours of our technicians.

To find out about the details of the offer and to make an appointment, please contact our Advisor.

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