Chilled iron grit

Chilled iron grit, due to sharp-edged shape and hardness, is a perfect solution for removing old coatings.
Chilled iron grit
Providing solutions tailored to clients’ needs is one of our goals, that is why we have a very range offer of metallic and mineral abrasive media, including the chilled iron grit.

Grit for the foundry industry

The chilled iron grit is made by crushing a chilled iron shot using dedicated machines. Chilled iron grit has high hardness and machinability and it is relatively inexpensive. Chilled iron grit is dedicated to foundries for cleaning castings and preparing them for applying the new protective layers. It is a very efficient material for cleaning heavy corroded elements and removing old coatings.


  • Cleaning casts, forgings and metal sheets;
  • Cleaning steel constructions;
  • Removing old coatings;
  • Preparing surfaces for putting on anti-corrosion layers.


  • C - 2,80-3,40%
  • Si - 1,00-1,50%
  • Mn - 0,30-1,00%
Chilled iron grit
  • S - 0,07-0,30%
  • P - 0,07-0,17%


Nominal granulation (mean)
0,300 mm
0,500 mm
0,800 mm
1,000 mm
1,400 mm
1,800 mm