Diamant grit

Diamant grit tends to preserve the sharp-edged shape of the grains, which means that it maintains high cutting efficiency until the end of the cycle.
Diamant grit
Our partner, German abrasive media producer the Eisenwerk Würth GmbH, has a goal to improve the abrasive blasting with grits. Result of research on this subject is the Diamant grit.

The next-generation grit

Diamant grit has the martensitic structure. It is very sharp and one of its most important features is that is keeping that shape during the process. Thanks to that the cleaning process with the Diamant grit is faster, which allows reducing the usage of material, machines and electricity. Diamant works fine there, where other grits cannot. The Diamant grit is mainly used in pneumatic devices with the closed abrasive circuit, like blasting cabinets and blasting chambers. it is used to remove old coatings, rust and to mat the surface of elements.


  • Preparing surfaces for paiting;
  • Cleaning and rust removal;
  • Roughening;
  • Sweeping;
  • Matting.


  • C 3-3,4%
  • Si 0,8-1,2%
  • Mn 0,8-1,0%
Diamant grit
  • S < 0,17%
  • P < 0,45%


Grain size Approximate roughness
0,150-0,300 mm Ra 5 µm / Rz 31 µm
0,300-0,600 mm Ra 9 µm / Rz 55 µm
0,400-0,800 mm Ra 11 µm / Rz 71 µm
0,600-1,000 mm Ra 14 µm / Rz 93 µm
0,800-1,250 mm Ra 16 µm / Rz 100 µm
1,250-2,000 mm Ra 25 µm / Rz 141 µm