Shot blasting of steel

TZNZ 2 hook-type blasting machine
Detail diameters: ø1200 x 1700 mm up to 500 kg
TZB 1 tumbling blasting machine
Detail diameters: >5 mm up to 350 kg
Blasting chamber 5000 x 2300 x 2300 mm

Shot blasting of steel

Shot blasting process is about cleaning the surface with – depends on the excepted results – steel shot or grit. In our workshop, we are using hybrid steel shot VERA®, which is not crushing during the process and doesn’t make scratches on a processed surface. If you wish, we can use other abrasives, including high and low carbon shots and grits or materials made of chrome or stainless steel.

We are cleaning details in automatic TZB 1 tumbling blasting machine; hook-type TZNZ 2 machine; 5000x2300x2300 mm blasting chamber and in blasting cabinets. We always clean the details to Sa 3 class, the highest level of surface preparation.

After treatment, details are ready for new protective layers – in our offer you can find powder coating service. We recommend to clean and coat details in one workshop because it minimalizes the risk of dirt or degradation the surface, which is very important for the durability of a new layer.

Services are priced individually, depending on the size of details, used abrasive material and level of surface degradation.

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