Glass powder

Glass powder is using for micro-glass blasting process, primarily for cleaning fragile and thin details.
Glass powder
We’re realizing the main goal of Alumetal-Technik company – the developing of abrasive blasting process – in many ways, including introducing the blasting process to the new sectors of the industry. One of the innovative materials is glass powder.

Properties of the glass powder

The glass powder is a mineral abrasive similar to the glass grit – it is made by crushing the panes of special sodium glass as well. Glass grit, known also like the glass sand has very small fractions – the size of the grain is no bigger than 200 micrometres. Thanks to that it can be used for cleaning fragile elements.

Glass grit in the chemical industry

One of the advantages of glass powder and glass abrasives, in general, is high purity – thanks to that it is used in the chemical industry for the production of cleaning agents and washing powders. Glass sand works perfectly as an insulator and filler – it is used in chemical production.


  • Filling material;
  • Ceramic production;
  • Cleaning substances production;
  • Gas, liquid and substance absrobent;
  • Stream-abrasion treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, stone, concrete, wood etc.


  • Fe2O3 < 0,2%
  • MgO < 4,0%
  • Na2O >14%
Glass powder
  • SiO2 > 65%
  • CaO > 8,0%
  • Al2O3 0,5-2,0%


Granulation From To
140 125 µm 200 µm
160 106 µm 125 µm
220 0 µm 106 µm