Technical consultancy

We are helping our customers with optimizing the shot-blasting process. We are helping to choose the right methods, machines and abrasives.

Technical consultancy

Long-lasting support for leading companies from a variety of industries; partnership with producers of steel shot and grit; cooperation with the manufacturer of automatic blasting machines; scientific collaboration with colleges and our own lab’s researchers are giving us strong certainty in the range of high expertise in surface treatment.

Alumetal-Technik team is a group of qualified experts, who will help to optimize sand blasting, shot blasting and glass blasting processes in your company. They will improve it and reduce the usage of abrasive media and energy.


During the visit they will do the following actions:

  • check technical conditions and parameters of machines;
  • verify filter’s and separator’s operation;
  • took samples of abrasives;
  • measure the surface roughness after the blasting process;
  • gauge the steel surface cleanliness (PN-EN ISO 8501-1:2007);
  • measure the dust level;
  • test oil contamination of the shot.

After that, our expert will discuss with you about results and will help you to make the right decisions and solve eventual problems. A few days later we will send you the test report and suggestions for further actions.

If you are interested in our technical consultancy, do not hesitate to contact us via phone, e-mail and contact form.