APCon – Digital control of the shot blasting process

APCon – Digital control of the shot blasting process

In today’s manufacturing environment, adapting processes to changing market demands is crucial. The APCon system, offered by Würth Solutions, is an innovative digital solution that enables real-time monitoring and optimization of the shot blasting process. Thanks to APCon you can achieve even higher levels of efficiency, quality and savings.

What is the APCon system?

The APCon system is an advanced digital solution dedicated to monitoring and controlling the shot blasting process. Thanks to APCon, it is possible to obtain a precise understanding of the process based on real data. This provides the foundation for higher production efficiency.

How does the APCon system work?

The APCon system allows you to observe the shot blasting process in real time from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, it adjusts the machine’s operating parameters. Thanks to automatic data collection and real-time analysis, users can quickly react to any irregularities and optimize the operation of the production line.

What problems does the APCon system solve?

The APCon system solves key problems related to the shot blasting process. By precisely monitoring and controlling the operating parameters of the shot blasting machine, APCon significantly reduces the risk of complaints by ensuring constant quality of surface treatment. Moreover, the system enables optimization of electricity and abrasive consumption, which leads to lower production costs. With APCon, companies can avoid unplanned process downtime, ensuring production continuity while saving resources and increasing efficiency.

Advantages of using the APCon system

The biggest advantages of using the APCon system in enterprises are:

  • Consistent quality during shot blasting – APCon ensures repeatable shot blasting results by precisely monitoring process parameters.
  • Monitoring of abrasive and air separation – thanks to special sensors, APCon facilitates monitoring of abrasive consumption and air separation control. This translates into less abrasive material consumption and greater process stability.
  • Online shot blasting process management – data is accessed via the Internet, which allows monitoring, control and adjustment of work parameters from any place and device.
  • A treasure trove of data – APCon regularly provides reports and forecasts based on data collected from sensors, which enables quick response to any irregularities.


APCon – for whom?

The APCon system is dedicated to companies from various industries that use the shot blasting process. It will work particularly well in enterprises that are looking for a solution that allows significant savings while maintaining high production quality.

Directors, presidents, production managers and technologists, the APCon system can help in:

  • Cost assessment and control of the shot blasting process;
  • Creating conditions for predictable, safe maintenance
  • Detecting process variations through sampling, testing and sieve analysis;
  • Wide market access when purchasing a new shot-blasting line or modernizing an existing one;
  • Increasing process efficiency through practical recommendations and participation in training for system operators, quality control, maintenance and management.

How much does it cost to implement the APCon system?

The final cost of the APCon system depends on the size of the machine, the number of turbines and the number of sensors that will be installed in the shot blasting machine. By sending us basic data about your blasting machine, we will be able to prepare a preliminary estimate for the implementation of the system, including installation, commissioning and operator training.

Take advantage of APCon and take your production to the next level!

If you are interested in implementing the APCon system in your company or want to obtain more information, please contact us. Our team of experts will answer your questions and prepare an offer tailored to your needs. Click here to go to the form.